Traffic + Coversions = SALES. It’s Simple. We utilize the latest and most effective strategies and methods to provide our clients with results and a consistent ROI. We can increase your online visibility and overall sales.

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We have established the reputation of being a reliable, hands-on, and responsive partner in our client’s marketing campaigns. Our marketing services are customized to the unique needs of your business.

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Why pay for a service if it doesn’t deliver? Our clients never have to sign a contract. The results from our efforts will be what ties our partnership together long term. See how we can increase your revenue.

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About Us

Scataway Marketing is a national marketing company that provides services such as SEO (search engine optimization), CRO (conversion rate optimization), and ORM (online reputation management) to various businesses. Our mission is to keep marketing simple and effective. We do what works. We’ve crafted various easy to understand processes which makes collaborating with business owners seamless. With multiple years of experience our team members have become experts in their individual skill sets. We believe in building our team around specialists instead of adopting a “one size fit all” approach. This gives us the resources of creating a highly optimized and custom marketing campaign for your business. There are two things that EVERY business needs to survive. Traffic and conversions. We have a specific focus on leveraging our expertise to deliver these services at the highest level possible. We go into each campaign with the mindset of establishing a long term relationship with you and your business while consistently providing a substantial ROI. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants or begin the first steps of your marketing campaign by completing our quick Pre-Launch application.

How We Generate Your Business Traffic & Sales


Search Engine Optimization

It all starts with traffic. We completely optimize your website for search engines. We have strategies and systems in place to acheieve first page rankings for your website that generate valuable traffic. To learn more about our process simply contact or call us at (908) 340-8590 for a consultation.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Once your website is generating traffic you need to get those visitors to convert! We are experts at determining how your website’s user experience is affecting your sales. Our team will analyze and implement the necessary on site changes to increase your revenue.


Online Reputation Management

Whether its a bad review or your business is not showing up for searches of your brand name, we can help. Your reputation is vital to your business and your customers are searching online to find you. If their first impression is negative, then you lose sales.

Your Digital Marketing Experts


Return On Investment

Your digital marketing campaign is an investment in your future and the future of your business. Every tactic, strategy, and method that we implement focuses on meeting and exceeding your ROI. You initial campaign investment will pay for itself within a few short months of working with us.

We Are Your Partners

Personal and Collaborative

We take the time to get familiar with your challenges and business goals on a personal level. Our customized approached gives us the opportunity to really get to know more about you and your business. This gives our team an edge when creating your plan of action. You know more about your business than we do, so by collaborating closely we can ensure a successful campaign through the share of information.


Remaining Relevant

We remain active within the digital marketing industry by attending events, networking, testing strategies, and contributing our expertise. We continue to improve our internal processes and services each month. Let our industry knowledge and expertise benefit your business.

Premium Service

Maintaining a High Standard

We provide a premium service to our clients. We don’t cut corners, outsource work, or submit anything to our clients that do not meet our quality standards. If your business succeeds then our business succeeds. We treat your business as our own.

New Jersey SEO

(search engine optimization)

Our SEO process is effective and simple. There are a few steps that we take to ensure the success of your campaign.

  1. Research – We begin by consulting with you on your business goals and challenges. This give of the essential insight to create your customized plan of action. Once we have established the starting point of your campaign we will begin to further research your industry, product, and/or service along with your competition. Gaging the potential of an SEO campaign is vital. We want to ensure that we are targeting the best possible keyword opportunities that will provide the most qualified traffic.
  2. Optimize – Once we have constructed a strategy for your website and have conducted keyword research we will begin to implement your on page SEO. Your website will be completely optimized on the front end and back end (technical) for search engines such as Google (primarily), Yahoo, and Bing.
  3. Outreach – On page optimizations will need continuous monitoring as the content on your website is changed and updated throughout the year. In order to further build the authority and trust of your website we will conduct off page SEO by the means of blogger outreach, networking, and other proprietary methods to ultimately get your pages ranked.
  4. Track – We will track and report your website’s page rankings progress through out each month. You will be able to see the results of our efforts as your keyword rankings increase throughout the search engines.
  5. Modify –  Continuous effort and campaign modification is necessary to improve upon the progress we will see. We will monitor and make the appropriate tweaks to your campaign to reach our goals.

To learn more about our SEO process schedule a consultation call with one of our specialists.

Stop Loosing Sales To Your Competitors

Reach out and get in touch! If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation call, complete the form to the right. Our team will reply within an hour during our business hours of 9 am – 5 pm, EST. We look forward to speaking with you!

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